What you need to know about your club membership

To use our premises you must be a member.

The cost is $99.00 per year and includes a polo, cap, free entry to senior games, bar discounts and other offers as directed by the committee.

Please see the committee for information on becoming a member, its a great way to support the club.

Members may introduce no more than three (3) guests at any one time.

The member introducing the guest shall be responsible for the proper conduct of that guest whilst on the club premises.

Any member who is refused membership of any club (including this club) or is under suspension from any club shall not be admitted as a guest of the club.

No member shall admit a stranger to the club premises. 

Service of Alcohol

The club will only be open for the sale of liquor during such hours as determined by the committee and within the hours permitted by the Liquor Licensing Act 1988.

The club will not open for service of alcohol until 12.00 Sundays during junior Home fixtures.

No liquor will be sold on Christmas Day, Good Friday or before noon on ANZAC day.

No liquor shall be sold or supplied to a Juvenile (person under 18 years of age)There will be no bar service during Player Awards.

Glasses (Middies/schooners) are for consumption in clubrooms only.

Please respect the bar staff who are mainly volunteers assisting you to have an enjoyable time at your club. Bad behaviour towards Bar staff will not be tolerated.


A member will not be served alcohol if showing the effects of alcohol such as falling over, loudness, abusive behaviour etc.

Loud and Abusive Bad language will result in that member being evicted from the club.

The bar staff is entitled to refuse you service if they consider you are drunk.

Failure to accept that order will result in disciplinary & measures being instigated against you.

Disrespect to a committee person or manager of the club’s instructions will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with a reasonable directive will result in disciplinary action by the club.

Fighting within the club will not be tolerated and you will be expelled from membership if proved the instigator.

Function Room

Members are requested to respect the club at all times. No football boots are to be worn in the club.

No football bags to be placed at the entrance of the clubrooms (as this causes an obstruction at the entrance of the club).

Due to licensing laws no juvenile is allowed to stand, sit or be served at the bar (even soft drinks). Juveniles at all times must be under the supervision of their parents.

Juveniles must not loiter on the tiled area.

Members who have unruly juveniles within their care will be asked to quiet them down, and if no action taken then they will be asked to leave.

After 8.00pm at night a decent standard of dress is required at the club. No thongs, singlets, work boots, or soiled clothes. Respect your club and dress appropriately.

Booking of Function room.

Function room can be booked for functions from 21st birthdays upwards. Sorry, no 18th birthdays. This can be booked through the Treasurer or a committee delegate. Persons who hire the function room are charged a fee for cleaning of the function room and toilets after the event. A bond may be charged on booking which is refundable subject to any damage or cleaning.

The club committee will operate the bar.