Rockingham Coastal Sharks has been privileged to have within it’s membership body a group of individuals that have dedicated an enormous amount of effort, energy and time over a long period of time to the clubs interest.

We have celebrated their efforts by awarding these outstanding individuals Life Membership.

Brian Reid

Kerrie Mickle

Bev Brankstone

Chris Mickle

Harry Brankstone

Robbie Richardson

Terry Sweeney

John Leeder

Derek Turnbull

Debbie Leeder

Danny Bucknell

Maura Collis

Colin Chandler

Rod Fielding

Darren Brankstone

Graham Daniels

Bryon Tuckey

Cary Hatton

Kathy Fielding

Michael Lanningan

Tony Crowe

Dale Christy

Jo-Anne Prout

Ian Prout

Brendan Hunt

Tracy Yeardley

Heather Christy

Mark Billsborough